HMRC CHIEF Replacement CDS – September 2017 Update

Jon Thomson , Chief Executive of HM Customs recently provided a written update to the government on one of the highest profile system changes coming down the line from Customs: CDS The Customs Declaration System.

CDS will replace CHIEF ( in reality run alongside for some time) and is expected to be available to trade by January 2019. The latest update to The Treasury Select Committee is positive. Jon Thomson reports that the project is about half way complete, and milestones are being hit. That said, the project remains at Amber status, meaning that “significant issues already exist requiring management attention

Thomson reports CDS is on track for delivery in August 2018 and for trade use by January 2019.

An important phase begins in October when live tests  begin with the Community Service Providers; intermediaries between traders and Customs. It will be critical to hear a detailed report of how that goes as the first trade-side operators begin to use and test the new system.

As with any large project of this nature, getting this far is the easier portion of the work, the tough-stuff starts now as users begin testing. With half of the project remaining who knows the”unknowns”  that may lie ahead ?

It is unfortunate but inevitable that the sharp-end of this project – delivery –  will unfold in the full glare of the Customs/Brexit media spotlight.

The letter to the committee can be seen here

We are following this project closely , check back with us to keep up to date on CDS progress.

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