Training and Development

Our aim is to improve our client’s knowledge, confidence and capability to operate within the international import and export arena. Customs is an area of “ever moving sands” , procedures change over time. Are you upto date?

Providing training for you or your employees means skills can be gained to provide a better understanding of what is required for your business to succeed and it keeps you compliant

How We Can Help

We are trusted partners who are up to date on UK legislation and know the compliance regulations inside-out. We know how to translate them into meaningful training sessions.

We provide a range of training ,development and personalized one to one support programs that enable staff across your business to learn the skills relevant to their role. We can help develop skills and abilities that will equip them for promotion or to serve your customers better.

Clearlight’s training can made “bespoke” to you company and tailored specifically to suit your business model , budget or operations. We also offer ”off the shelf” general subject training to encompass many different type of businesses. Our training will also enable you to make sure Customs entries, relevant documentation and appropriate taxes are compliant.

Clearlight’s Training Portfolio:

  • Basic and/or Advanced Imports
  • Basic and/or Advanced Exports
  • Special Procedures: EU/CW/IP/OP/TA
  • Customs Procedures
  • Application process for Special Procedures: SP1/2/3/4/5
  • CCG application process
  • Classification of Goods
  • Licence requirements
  • Certificate requirements e.g. CITES, Kimberley, Certificate of Origin, GSP, EUR
  • Auditing and Compliance procedures
  • AEO
  • Coming soon: Customs Declaration Service (Chief Replacement)

If you are a business that requires Training and Development in the UK, let Clearlight make a difference by utilising our combined 50+ years “hands on” experience.

We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch and let’s work together!