Bespoke & Online Training in Customs, Import & Export

Are you up to date with ever-changing customs procedures? If you’re a UK-based business that needs customs, import and export training, then we have over 50 years of combined, hands-on experience. Our aim is to help you improve your knowledge and ability to operate within the international import and export arena. Our training covers customs entries, any relevant documentation and appropriate taxes to help you avoid any potential pitfalls. By gaining greater skills and confidence, your company can stay compliant and successful.

We can deliver bespoke training to you or your employees, tailored to suit your business model, budget and operations. We also provide online eLearning training modules, which can be undertaken separately or as add-ons to our bespoke training courses. We always prepare delegates for training in advance by verifying their current level of understanding. Delegates will be provided with a training record and any relevant certification. We also provide ‘off-the-shelf’ general subject training to encompass different types of businesses.

How We Can Help

We provide a range of training, development and personalised, one-to-one support programmes that enable your staff to learn skills relevant to their role. We can design bespoke training to fit around the needs of your business. We can also help you develop skills and abilities that will equip your people for promotion or to better serve your customers.

When it comes to customs compliance, we are trusted partners for many leading global brands. We always stay up to date with UK legislation and we know how to translate compliance regulations into meaningful training sessions.

eLearning courses

We have introduced ‘eLearning’ into our training portfolio to complement our company bespoke training courses. Online courses give students the opportunity to undertake standalone training or as an add-on to our bespoke training. Your employees will be able to demonstrate their skill set and knowledge to your customers and suppliers.

The benefits of our eLearning modules:

  • Can be completed at the user’s own pace and convenience
  • Assignments can be completed along with relevant feedback
  • Q & A session to provide feedback to learning supervisor
  • Full integration with more bespoke, personalised training
  • Provides a learning track of completed modules

By having a clear learning outcome, we will be able to provide you or your employees with the appropriate level of training.

Our Training Portfolio:

  • Basic and/or Advanced Imports
  • Basic and/or Advanced Exports
  • Special Procedures: End Use, Customs Warehouse, Inward Processing, Outward Processing, Temporary Admission
  • Customs Procedures
  • Customs Comprehensive Guarantee application process
  • Classification of Goods
  • Licence requirements
  • Certificate requirements e.g. CITES, Kimberley, Certificate of Origin, GSP, EUR
  • Auditing and Compliance procedures
  • Authorised Economic Operator
  • Customs Declaration Service (Chief Replacement)
Let us help your people gain vital skills and knowledge, so your business can stay compliant.

Grant Funding for Customs Training & Development

Did you know that your business could be eligible for grant funding? If your company is involved in any customs-related activities, you could receive 100% of the cost of our training and development courses.

Due to Brexit, the UK government aims to help businesses prepare for changes to customs arrangements. By increasing your employees’ knowledge and skills, your business can stay one step ahead of the changing customs landscape.

How To Apply For Grant Funding

To qualify for grant funding, you or your employees need to:

  • Have a UK base or branch
  • Help other businesses with import and export processes
  • Carry out customs processes, which could include safety and security
  • Complete customs declarations


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