Why Import To The UK?

Importing goods and materials to the UK is certainly a way of increasing profit margins. What you do as an importer differs depending on whether you are importing from the EU or International Trade, from taxes, VAT, customs declarations and interaction with HMRC.

Doing it right, doing it legally and doing that from the start is how we work.

How We Can Help

We have detailed knowledge and expertise of customs requirements, regulatory pitfalls and processes surrounding in-bound shipments. We actively encourage that you plan and research carefully to pay the correct amount of duty and tax, minimise agents/forwarder fees, avoid financial penalties and delays at port.

We can advise, consult and provide training on all the below:

  • Customs Entry quality and error correction
  • Post Import Reclaim
  • CFSP – Customs Freight Simplified Procedures
  • Simplifications
  • Customs Regulations Duty Reliefs
  • Commodity Codes – the correct commodity codes will be required for all goods
  • CPC – Customs Procedure Codes
    ATA Carnet – taking advantage of Carnet
    Transit – facilitating the movement of goods
    Returned Goods Relief
    Excise – knowledge of the inland taxes for specific goods
    Re-Importations of IP goods – formerly known at IPR
    Temporary Import – formerly Temporary Admission
    Temporary dispatch/export formerly OPR – Outward Processing Relief
    Samples – how to import commercial samples free from duty and VAT
    Identifying and declaring samples correctly
    Warehouse – how to store and manage record keeping in a customs warehouse with suspended duty and/or VAT
    Export of goods not in free circulation
  • Certificate Requirements
    Certificate of Origin – required by customs authorities and can decide the correct origin of the goods
    CITES – Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
    Kimberley – KPCS
    GSP – General System of Preferences
  • Licence Requirements – making sure you get the correct licence to trade
  • EORI – Economic Operator Registration and Identification number to communicate with customs officials throughout the EU
  • Audit/Audit Tools

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