Exporting Goods From The UK?

Exporting from the UK can be highly profitable as long as you remain customs compliant. From shipping and logistics to financial and legal, there can be many challenges, as well as costly penalties and delays. Expert customs guidance could play a crucial part in making your export business a success. Why not let us help you improve your international, end-to-end customer experience through seamless and compliant shipments?

How We Can Help

We have detailed knowledge and vast experience when it comes to customs requirements, regulatory pitfalls and outbound shipment processes. We help you to keep control of your exports. By taking on the tedious responsibility of planning and research, we can help you avoid any customs issues and reputational damage. When it comes to international shipments and destination government regulations, we understand the importance of your overseas customer experience.

Did you know that we can complete Export Customs Declarations on your behalf? Visit Clearlight Brokerage/Export Declarations for more details.

Visit our Brexit page for updates on UK customs arrangements.

We can advise, consult and provide training on the following:

  • Post Export Correction, covering statistical accuracy and compliance for VAT zero rating
  • Simplifications
  • Customs Regulations – detailed knowledge and understanding of EU and International customs regulations
  • Commodity Codes and Classifications – the correct commodity codes will be required for all goods so that exported products have the correct paperwork
  • CPC – Customs Procedure Codes and how to get it right including controlled goods and the impact of import activity
  • Warehouse – accounting practices for Warehouse bringing suspended duty and/or VAT to account
  • Certificate of Origin – required by customs authorities and can decide the preference of the goods
  • CITES – Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
  • Licensing Requirements – making sure you get the correct licences to trade
  • Strategic exports
  • EORI – Economic Operator Registration and Identification number to communicate with customs officials throughout the EU
  • NES – National Export System. This is mandatory and awareness around who can electronically submit and authorise is needed
  • Audit/Audit Tools
  • Dealing with overseas freight forwarder
  • Helping you communicate landing charges to your overseas customer
Whatever customs situation you’re facing, we can help – please get in touch and let’s work together.
Clearlight Customs – UK Import Export Customs Advisors
Doing it right and doing it legally from the start is how we work.

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