Brexit – Customs Implications for EU Exit

As the United Kingdom has now left the European Union, we have entered a transition period that ends on 31 December 2020. Until that time, there will be no change to the current customs rules and regulations. During this transition period, the UK’s trade relationship and customs requirements will be negotiated between Westminster and Brussels.

On 1 January 2021, there will be changes for both import and export trade. This includes the mandatory requirement for a customs declaration for each type of movement to and from the EU. For more information on our Customs Declaration Service, please visit our other business website:

Until 2021, we will continue with tariff-free and frictionless trade. However, future customs rules and regulations will evolve both rapidly and unpredictably. If your business and supply chain are unprepared, this could cause costly delays. We can help you prepare for regulatory and enforcement changes.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How ready is your supply chain to adapt to evolving customs changes?
  • Do you understand which points of your current supply chain will be exposed to Customs Border regulations?
  • Have you considered the impact on pricing, delivery schedules, border delays and commercial documentation on your business operations?
  • Do you have the expertise to manage your transportation provider effectively during this period of change?
  • Do you supply any perishable or time-critical goods that may be spoiled by long border delays?
Let us help you navigate through the political and media noise, so you can ensure your business is prepared for customs change.

Grant Funding for Customs Training & Development

Did you know that your business could be eligible for grant funding? If your company is involved in any customs-related activities, you could receive 100% of the cost of our training and development courses.

Due to Brexit, the UK government aims to help businesses prepare for changes to customs arrangements. By increasing your employees’ knowledge and skills, your business can stay one step ahead of the changing customs landscape.

How To Apply For Grant Funding

To qualify for grant funding, you or your employees need to:

  • Have a UK base or branch
  • Help other businesses with import and export processes
  • Carry out customs processes, which could include safety and security
  • Complete customs declarations


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