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Compliance audits help you to protect your business by identifying areas of non-compliance and creating effective action plans. Many businesses wait until a ‘non-compliance’ issue has been identified by Customs. By completing compliance audits, you will be able to establish the cause of the problem and the corrective action for both your own processes and the regulator.

A compliance audit is a proactive way to find problems before they arise, so you can avoid the attention of Customs.

 Let us help you to identify the necessary compliance audits and create process documents

One of the most common compliance audits is the identification of errors made on import and export entries. There are many different reasons for customs declarations (entries) to be made incorrectly, these include:

  • Errors on a supplier’s invoice
  • Incorrect commodity codes
  • Reclaim of deposit / re-export
  • Customs broker or freight forwarder errors

We can help you identify and correct customs declarations for both import and exports, which have been declared incorrectly, along with documenting the process.

We can also help you maintain Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status, which requires numerous compliance audits across many internal departments.

Let us help you keep your AEO status by developing a compliance audit programme.
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