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Our almost endless customs experience means we can provide a full consultancy service to our clients. We have also devised a range of bespoke imports and exports services. Our aim is to help you act compliantly, safely, and timely to ensure you get everything right first time. We will help you spot potential risks early, so you’re able to react accordingly and limit any financial implications and costly delays.

How We Can Help

Customs-related problems can often arise that are not obvious from the start. Our consultancy brings you the best advice and guidance to your business with minimal disruption. We’ll work closely with you onsite at your premises as a hands-on asset, bringing our range of skills directly to you and your staff, which includes any training needs.

As the UK negotiates a future trading relationship with the EU, every import and export business will need to be prepared for changes to customs rules. We also offer a Customs Declaration service through our other business, Clearlight Brokerage.

Let us guide your import or export business through the complex world of customs to make sure you get it right first time.

Grant Funding for Customs Training & Development

Did you know that your business could be eligible for grant funding? If your company is involved in any customs-related activities, you could receive 100% of the cost of our training and development courses.

Due to Brexit, the UK government aims to help businesses prepare for changes to customs arrangements. By increasing your employees’ knowledge and skills, your business can stay one step ahead of the changing customs landscape.

How To Apply For Grant Funding

To qualify for grant funding, you or your employees need to:

  • Have a UK base or branch
  • Help other businesses with import and export processes
  • Carry out customs processes, which could include safety and security
  • Complete customs declarations


Regulatory Changes

We make it our business to stay abreast of industry changes and updates, so you’re well-informed legally. UCC (Union Customs Code) legislation can be complex, so we will help you understand the meaning of the laws, how they work, and what the UCC is looking for in terms of compliance. Documentation is required to be submitted to HMRC and the UK Border Force when moving goods. We can act as your liaison between all the relevant authorities, navigating regulations and checking all relevant customs documentation.

Process Review

There are no restrictions based on the size of the business, but there are procedures which may differ depending on your industry and the type of goods. We review all processes and procedures to ensure there is clear progression within the business to achieve smooth transactions. All of this can be managed for you and training will be provided.

Whatever customs situation you’re facing, we can help – please get in touch and let’s work together.
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Doing it right and doing it legally from the start is how we work.

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