Tailored Approach

Our almost endless experience in customs means we have devised and can provide a full range of bespoke services relating to your imports and exports. We’re not scared of this huge responsibility as acting compliantly, safely and timely are the key to getting this right.

Problems can arise which are not obvious from the start and we help businesses to not only spot these potential risks early but also react accordingly to limit financial implications and costly delays.

Doing it right, doing it legally and doing that from the start is how we work.

How Does This Work?

Our consultancy is working with your business to make sure you get it right first time. The stresses of firefighting when it’s too late are not worth it and, trust us, we have seen it all! Knowing that situations can happen we use our know-how for troubleshooting risks.

The consultancy brings the best advice and guidance to your business and cause as little disruption as possible. We’ll work closely with you so we are a hands-on asset, bringing our ranging skills for your benefit.

Regulatory Changes

We make it our business to stay abreast of changes and updates in the industry so are legally well-informed. Legislation from the UCC (Union Customs Code) can be complex so we help you understand the meaning of the laws, how they work and what the UCC is looking for in terms of compliance. Documentation is required to be submitted to HMRC and the UK Border Force when moving goods, so we act as that liaison between relevant authorities for compliance. Navigating these regulations and documentation can be tough which is why we do this for you.

Process Review

There are no restrictions based on the size of the business but there are procedures which may differ depending on the industry and type of goods. We review all processes and procedures to ensure there is clear progression within the business to achieve smooth transactions.

All of this can be managed for you and training provided.

Entry Processes
Agent Processes
Import Compliance
Gap Analysis
Process Improvements
System re-design and test

We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch and lets work together!

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