Why become an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)?

Do you trade internationally? Are you an import/export company? Gain supply chain compliance and simplify your customs procedures by becoming an AEO – Authorised Economic Operator. This highly attractive scheme has become increasingly important because of Brexit. Due to changing customs arrangements, there is a growing need to create standardised supply chain systems.

Benefits of becoming an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO):

• Fast-track shipments and smoother payments
• Reduce any customs compliance issues
• Better security and safety measures
• Less checks and lower trading risks
• Gain credibility with customers

Doing it right, doing it legally and doing that from the start is how we work.

Who Can Apply?

Any EU based customs-related business can apply to become an AEO. The application needs to be submitted by a Director or a ‘responsible’ member of the business. Whether you are a micro business, SME or a multinational, there are no restrictions on company size.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 AEO applications are rejected first time round?
So many businesses are wasting valuable time by getting it wrong. By investing in our AEO services, you will get it right first time. Your business will benefit from our knowledge and expertise, receiving full support and advice at every stage until you achieve AEO status.

We can help you gain AEO status

We give your business the confidence to prepare and apply for AEO status by providing practical guidance, expert training and bespoke Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification.

Using our first-hand knowledge of the AEO application process, we will check to see whether you are:
• Compliant – we will carry out audits and a Gap Analysis for your organisation, redesigning any gaps, advising on record-keeping, and the systems and processes needed to meet the AEO criteria.
• Secure and solvent – using in-house resources, we will analyse the variances and weaknesses between your site procedures.

Our AEO services include

• Audits and auditing tools, Gap Analysis, process writing, full training and support, and bespoke AEO certification.
• Liaising directly with HMRC and resolving any AEO-related queries on your behalf.
• Personal involvement at every stage – no dry theory, just sensible business support and guidance.
• Advice on the “current state of play” for existing AEO holders and reaccreditation for AEOs wanting to keep their status and maintain certification.


Clearlight Customs is the AEO training workshop provider for Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Europe Network.

Apply to become an AEO

If your company is interested in becoming an AEO, speak to one of our Customs specialists – call 01283 553099 or send an enquiry below.

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