Customs Charter Consultation

Customs Charter Consultation

HMRC have opened up a Customs Charter Consultation. As a business or tax-payer have your say on how Customs treat you. Give HM Government your opinion now !

Consultation Details

This consultationCustoms Consultation, published in February, is open until 15 May 2020. HMRC have drafted a new charter with the intention to keep it short and simple, represent HMRC values focusing on the balance between commitments to taxpayers and taxpayers obligations.





What is the HMRC Charter?

The HMRC Charter is a legal requirement that sets out the standards of behavior and values to which HMRC aspire. The current Charter sets out what you can expect from HMRC, and what they expect from you. Examples of expectations include:

  • HMRC will “Respect you and treat you as honest” and
  • You (the taxpayer) will “be honest and respect our staff

The current HMRC Charter is here

What is proposed ?

Customs Charter ConsultationCustoms have  reviewed the existing Charter and used various analytical methods to produce the new draft for consultation. The new Charter content was gathered by:

  • Reviewing taxpayer comments to HMRC.
  • Looking at other charters and customer promises made by similar organisations.
  • Holding events to discuss the Charter.
  • Consulting with stakeholders.
  • Discussing HMRC ambition with their own Customer Experience Committee.

It takes into account views so far and recommendations by various government reports to improve HMRC performance.

The draft is published here

HMRC Charter Consultation Responses

Customs are seeking feedback on the following areas

  1. Does the new Charter set the right standards?
  2. Does it cover the most important areas to you in your interactions with HMRC?
  3. How do you want to see HMRC monitor its performance against the Charter?

You can send your views direct to HMRC via email:

Contact Clearlight about the Charter Consultation

Let us know if you need more information about the HMRC Charter or would like to have input to our response to HMRC. Contact us here 

For businesses interested in shaping the future of Customs policy there is also another consultation active until April about Freeports 

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