Customs Unions – A Quick Summary

Customs Unions are a hot topic in the mainstream media this week, both Government and opposition have commented in recent days. We saw a lot of miss-information and miss-understandings and so have been reading around the subject. We came across this short article by Iana Dreyer (@IanaDreyer) writing for for UK Trade Forum.


The main points covered:

  • Customs Unions are closely tied to political integration.
  • The difference between Free Trade Agreements and Customs Unions.
  • Trade liberalisation and domestic constraints.
  • Reducing trade cost but NOT eliminating them.
  • What happens when political integration fails?
  • Brexit implications

Full credit to Iana Dreyer for this article. Link below


Iana covers the key subjects concisely and accurately, far better than we could. Worth a read, we recommend it, link below, it’s a great starting point on this topic.

Link to Iana’s article



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