Founders Day 22 February – One Year Old Today

Happy First Birthday Clearlight !

Founders Day Start Up

Clearlight Founders Day 22 February

It’s Thursday 22 February 2018. Nothing special for most folks. Even the “what happened on this day” websites don’t have much to say about it. Perhaps “National Toast Day” is as exciting as this date will get?

For Clearlight Customs however it is a date highlighted on the calendar.

Why ? Because Clearlight Customs is officially 1 year old today. Happy Birthday to us!

Founders Day

Helen and I spent 20-something tortuous years in the corporate world before we formed Clearlight. This amount of time in a huge US corporation meant we were indoctrinated in the annual phenomenon that is Founders Day.

Founders Day; we think our fixation on the annual celebration is to do with the fact that we were obliged to stand up and read a briefing to the entire staff on Founders Day each year. Not content with just reading the memo, we then forced /encouraged them to watch a misty-eyed corporate video with stirring soundtrack and sepia-toned pictures of the good ol’boys of 1907 and “what it all means today”. Great.

Most of our happy band at that time really did not care a jot, but knew it was mandatory to pay attention in order to get a celebratory doughnut. This was corporate-world remember, so for us proceeded by crazy levels of administration and form filling, prior-approvals and logistical effort to source 400+ doughnuts. Tesco bakery loved us!

Start Up Chocolate Cake

Upgrade to Chocolate Cake

Clearlight Today

Setting aside the corporate experiences of Founders Day, for us celebrating 1 year since we started up is an important milestone. Getting to this point was no easy ride personally or professionally but has been a fantastic experience and challenge that continues to drive us onwards.

For us 2017 was a great year. Helen and I will look back for just a minute or two today on our year, but we definitely won’t be “gathering in the conference room at 11 to watch a video” !

We started at zero.  Exactly 1 year ago we formed the company. We set up the office, navigated the legal obstacles, created a brand identity, a website and a social media presence. We established ourselves in the sector and re-connected with some long lost contacts. None of that was a walk in the park.

We won our first clients and were rewarded with a steady stream of work consulting and training. As financial year-end approaches we may even turn a tiny profit. Perhaps we will never be millionaires or the next Apple Corp , but every business has to start somewhere and we are proud of our achievement.

Running our business, providing expertise and sharing our knowledge is important to us. Our small but growing band of clients appreciate our personal service and value our input to their businesses. So here’s to many more Clearlight Founders Days.

Thank you to everyone who supported us getting off the ground. We appreciate it.

Robot Start Up

The Robots Are Coming

In the year 2118…..

Who knows, in 100 years time a cluster of futuristic Clearlight robot-drone-employees will be programmed to look back to 22 February 2018. Will they be forced to assimilate today’s blog in a virtual conference room somewhere?

Unlikely. But we are pretty sure that in 2118 Brexit will still be rumbling on and we will still not have a solution to the Northern Ireland Customs border!

Now, Helen…….. have you organised the doughnuts?




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