2019 – Review of Our Year

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At Last… 2019 Review

Hello ! We are back. Due to popular request ( or something like that).

To be accurate, we have not been anywhere, we just have not written on here for so long had forgotten the login and how to use WordPress. Running the day to day business and life gets in the way sometimes.

We Promise !

We thought we would start with something easy. A quick recap of Clearlight in 2019. And introduce you to our new business handling Customs entries Clearlight Brokerage.

Also to make a commitment to return to this blog and to update everyone more that once a year! Promise. Like it or not.

In 2020 we make our New Year Resolution to write more often on our projects, our services and relevant Customs topics.  If we don’t, our cast of supporting marketeers, and few really keen observers, will finally give up on us as a lost case ( sorry Louisa ).

2019 – what have we been doing?

So, our review of the year. Insert here some clever spin on The First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me……

  • A new office. In September we upgraded from a rather snug broom cupboard to palatial office suite.
  • 2019 brought us 16 new clients in sectors including retail, car manufacturing, oil and chemicals, timber processing, express transport, forwarding.
  • 2 Brexit deadlines ( missed by HM Government)
  • 1 development of a whole brokerage operation for a transport client
  • 5 Brexit/Customs public seminars on behalf of Government Business Energy Industrial Strategy Department in West Midlands
  • Several AEO F projects and AEO gap analysis
  • We hosted 9 AEO Masterclasses for Chambers of Commerce
  • Set up a new business Clearlight Brokerage. Yes we can complete your export and import declarations now !
  • 22 bespoke Customs training sessions on site with clients
  • 1 new hip, Helen.
  • Our first EU clients in Netherlands , Sweden and Valencia,Spain. Hola!  , Hallo! , Hej!
  • 2 transit Authorised Consignee / Consignor transit projects
  • And of course , a partridge in pear tree. Actually a rather nice Christmas Tree gifted to us. Picture above.

2019 was full-on politically and for Clearlight. 2020 promises exciting times. It seems that 31 January 2020 will deliver Brexit and make the largest change to Customs operations and EU logistics in a lifetime.

February to December 2020 brings 11 months of transition where there will be no practical changes but full on preparation for trading outside of the EU on 1 January 2021. Then again 2020 could bring another year of wrangling between Westminster and Brussels followed by a further delay or soft-start to any post-Brexit Customs changes. Take your pick depending on how optimistic you feel.

We expect great demand for Customs and Brokerage services. We have experience in a wide range of Customs matters and can help you with hands-on practical advice and support.

Drop us a line if you need support in 2020 with Brexit planning, Customs topics, or for a bespoke support offer on completion of Customs declarations from Clearlight Brokerage.

Contact us by email at info@clearlightcustoms.com or call us direct on 01283 553099 we are back in the office on 2 January 2020.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020.

Rob & Helen


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