UK Customs Chief Executive on Brexit

Jon Thomson, Chief Executive – HMRC gave evidence to The Treasury Select Committee on 14 September 2017. A wide range of Customs issues were addressed and inevitably front and centre was Customs readiness for Brexit. The key topics were:

  • Staffing
  • Background to the “Future customs arrangements” paper
  • Irish Border
  • HMRC readiness for Brexit
  • UK and EU Ports readiness
  • Customs Declaration System project status (CDS)
  • Post-Brexit HMRC Policy

Whilst there were are no revelations, the 3 most senior HMRC execs giving evidence provided plenty of background on Customs thinking during their 2 hour evidence session. They explained management thinking at the highest level of UK Customs.

To save you the time and effort we have summarized the key points  here. HMRC-14-Sept-Select-Committee-summary (1)


The full transcript (44 pages) is available here:

HMRC Evidence session Treasury Select Committee 14 September 17

The audio/video link is here for those who have the inclination to see the committee in action.

We hope you find this resource useful. Leave a comment below and let us know what other Customs topics you would like to hear about.

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