International Customs Day – 26 January 2018

Happy International Customs Day

WCO International Customs Day26 January is International Customs Day 2018. The World Customs Organisation (WCO) has chosen the theme “A secure business environment for economic development”.

OK, so “Happy International Customs Day” doesn’t quite have the same ring as Happy Birthday or Doughnut Day (1st June for those so inclined), however,  in our  glamorous trade sector even having a day of our own is a start !

WCO Secretary General, Kunio Mikuriya wishes everyone a “joyful International Customs Day!” in his briefing and on the short video here: 

He urges members of the WCO to look at how they can create an environment that will foster cross-border trade and best serve people and entrepreneurs.


The WCO International Customs Day key message are:

  • By secure the WCO want to create an enabling,safe and sustainable environment to support micro and small businesses to flourish.
  • By enabling the WCO want to make cross border trade stable and predictable and to tackle corruption.
  • Safety is critical. Business needs secure supply chains. The WCO want to address trade in illicit goods and cross border crime.
  • Customs must build a fair and sustainable environment addressing illegal imports, intellectual property rights abuse and incorrect valuation.


Secretary Mikuriya goes on to highlight the work done by the WCO in its SAFE framework and its efforts to enhance business development, create employment and unleash the potential of women in business.

The full text can be read here:

Happy International Customs Day from Clearlight



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