Case Study: Brexit Training for Global Brands

Case Study: Brexit Training for Global Brands

Our clients are leading global retail brands and manufacturers, who required training in customs to prepare for Brexit. Due to the nature of their businesses, they also required logistics training. Although each company recognised the need to upskill their staff, they were unaware of how skilled their staff already were, nor did they know the exact type of training they needed.

Staff Training Challenges

Our first challenge was to help identify those individuals who needed training and whose roles involved some level of customs interaction. We found that many employees were routinely undertaking daily tasks with little awareness of customs regulations and the potential pitfalls.

Another challenge was the ability for each company to release staff for training, as it was not possible for everyone to attend on the same day. When it came to releasing staff, our clients had to factor in both the time and cost to their businesses, along with inflexible dates and scheduling, due to their operational needs.

Our clients specified that they did not want ‘generic’ public training with mixed groups from different companies. Instead, each client requested a bespoke training session that related specifically to their business, which we were able to deliver.

Bespoke Training Design

In advance of designing each course, we visited our clients’ premises to gain a full understanding of their current situation, IT integration, and their systems and tools. We also needed to gain clarity on the scale of their logistics’ operations to allow us to design a fully bespoke training product. Using their language, systems and tools, and by getting our clients’ buy in to work collaboratively, we were able to produce meaningful training aligned to each working environment.

We produced trainer-led, onsite training modules, which included interaction, handouts, examples tests, certification, and a follow up process. We offered the flexibility to fit training around staff availability, as well as any business peaks and troughs. The training modules were delivered to suit our clients’ diaries. We also provided a specialised trainer, who understood each business and who ensured the training fitted within every budget.

Skilled Staff Prepared for Brexit

We delivered training that addressed each person’s varying levels of understanding. We engaged delegates by using terms and technology specific to their roles. We upskilled our client’s employees in Customs trade, ensuring the training was wholly relevant to their business challenges and outlook.

As we had built a good working relationship with our clients by taking the time to understand their business, we found that delegates were more relaxed and their specific training needs were met. In some instances, further cost-effective training requirements have been identified. Overall, the training we provided has resulted in repeat business, as our clients have utilised our expertise across other areas of their business.

By training our clients’ employees on Customs trade, regulations and logistics, we have helped each company to make the necessary preparations in advance of Brexit.

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