UK Businesses Consulted about Freeports

UK Businesses Consulted about Freeports

There are several consultations open on Customs topics as the UK shapes its future outside of the EU. Give HM Government your opinion now on Freeports !

Freeports Consultation

The Freeports Consultation is sponsored by HM Treasury and open until 20 April 2020. The proposal is to create 10 Freeports across the UK to boost global trade, attract investment and increase prosperity.

UK Businesses Consulted about Freeports

What is a Freeport ?

A Freeport is a secure zone where different Customs rules apply.  Freeports exists around the world with varying features and benefits and are already permitted in the EU. The take up in the UK under EU legislation was limited and secondary legislation lapsed. There are currently no Freeports in the UK.

What is proposed ?

Government policy in respect to Freeports is to establish them as hubs for global trade, promote regeneration and job creation and create hotbeds for innovation.

Business is invited to provide comment on the policy, on the Freeports policy and the locations. The consultation sets out areas of policy for comment including Tariffs and Customs, Tax , Planning, Regeneration and Innovation.

Follow this link for more information.

Clearlight Comment on Freeports Consultation

Clearlight Customs are working on a submission to government in response to this consultation with the UK Free Trade Zone association.  If you would like to discuss our views or wish to contribute let us know.

Contact Clearlight on Freeports Consultation

Let us know if you need more information about Freeports policy and Free Trade Zones. Contact us here.

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