Post Entry Correction

What Do You Need To Consider?

Common questions when it comes to customs declarations are:

Have I paid the correct amount of duty and tax on my imports?

Are my export entries statistically accurate and compliant for VAT zero rating?

Do I have the correct licences for my goods?

Best practice is to review and audit the whole process to see where (or why!) the entry isn’t fit for purpose then put the solutions in place. Therefore our attitude is to ensure you are doing it right from the start, so that HMRC need not come looking! Let us find it before HMRC do and show you how to put it right.

How We Can Help

Avoiding financial implications from inaccurate entries is a must. If this is you, seek our help to put this right, be compliant and feel the rewards.

Contact us to review and get advice on:

Post Entry Audits

Having us on board to help you create and manage your entry quality. Our in-depth experience allows us to keep you in control of entry quality, duty and tax costs and be well prepared for any HMRC enquiries or audits.

Post Import Reclaim

It is important to ensure you are importing in the most compliant and effective way. Dealing with cross border customs regulations when it comes to VAT and duty is a complex field. Our service audits your process for paying VAT and duty. We work with you to get this right before it is too late so making sure all reliefs and any reclaims are in order. We can handle the entire correction process for you.

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