Clearlight Compass

Clearlight Compass is an international trade support service designed to support businesses with technical enquiries on import , export and Customs matters. Compass helps you keep up-to-date with current international trade and customs issues, provides answers to your specific questions that your business may have. It is your friendly, reliable one-stop-shop for Customs support.

How does Clearlight Compass provide a quality service

Through expert knowledge built up over many years with hands on experience in major changes within UK Customs Compliance and by maintaining key relationships in the industry and keeping on top of legislative changes.

Doing it right, doing it legally and doing that from the start is how we work.

Compass Service levels:

Compass Connect: Lets you email our office with minor enquiries relating to import,export Customs and international trade, so we can guide you to the correct places for information, help to improve your understanding of the problem you have.

Up to 4 contacts per month via email/website contact – max 48hour response time.

From £15 per month.

Compass Clear: This service is to support your urgent questions relating to your day-to-day business activities in a time saving and cost-effective way. You will be provided with a dedicated email address and telephone number. Compass Clear will either answer your question, research issues and report back, give you practical assistance or point you in the right direction which, in turn, will save you time to help prevent frustration when trying to understand the rules and regulations.

Up to 8 contacts per month via email/website contact or telephone – max 36-hour response time. From £49 per month.

Compass Choice: This full service option is designed to support your day-to-day business activities by providing practical assistance and advice on all matters relating to the movement inbound or outbound international shipments. “Compass Choice” includes documentation issues for imports and exports, CPC guidance, commodity code guidance, guidance on reclamation of duty and taxes on import entries. “One to One” conference call sessions, attend HMRC meetings, on site audits. Provide updates/changes on information which relates to your business. This is not an exhaustive list of services offered however it is an example of where we can help in multiple ways which may suit your Company. Clearlight typically becomes an “outsourced” Customs expert to your business providing support within the customs arena where you do not already have cover support in an already existing team.

You will be provided with a dedicated email address , telephone number and tailored service level agreement.

24 hours assistance per year via email/telephone/on-site visits and training services – max 24-hour response time. From £130 per month.

We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch and let’s work together!