5 Brexit Concerns for UK Logistics,Forwarders & Brokers

4 – Alternatives needed to port checks.

The current port operating models may not cope with 100% of the port volume requiring Customs declarations. Today EU-EU shipments require little Customs involvement. Post-Brexit every shipment will be an import or an export requiring a formal declaration. Even electronic declarations require a positive clearance to allow goods to move forward. HMRC and by extension, port operators, need to know which goods are declared and which are cleared to progress or otherwise. Physical space is needed for anti-smuggling activities and to recognise and stage uncleared / undeclared goods, containers and vehicles. Some creative and forward thinking is needed to combine technology with Customs simplifications (for example with a “GB-brexit-hybrid” of the existing Authorised Economic Operator  scheme) to allow trusted traders to process clearances in their own commercial systems inland rather than at the border. There is currently very little detail on how the issue of port congestion will be addressed.

5 – Robust Transitional arrangements.

Transitional arrangements are almost inevitable based on the timetable and workload faced by the government. The challenge is that inevitably even the transitional arrangements will be complex and challenging. So, for traders there will be pain moving from what we have today, to the transitional arrangements which may be port, customs regime or transport mode specific. Then the further move to the final post-Brexit arrangements. This will leave the industry in flux for an extended period, a transitional period in itself adds to workload, confusion and compliance risks on all sides. In the ideal world the shorter and more defined the transitional arrangements are the better for business.

The full FTA / Lloyds Loading List article can be read at https://goo.gl/oL7Dhi

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